Our Philosophy

La Folie’s philosophy is simple: To bring the art of modern European pastry-making to India. Literally translated to ‘madness’, La Folie is the French term for ‘magnificent’. Both translations add meaning to the name. The former speaks of passion, reflecting Sanjana’s lifelong love for desserts. The latter speaks of the magnificence of French chocolate- and pastry-making—arguably art forms in themselves.

Sourcing the finest ingredients from different parts of the world and combining them with French savoir-faire, nothing at La Folie is what you expect it to be. Classics are redefined, original creations combine taste influences from all over the world, and the presentation is avant-garde and minimalistic.

Headed by Chef Sanjana, our small team of good people (we like to call them Tastemakers!) craft and create gourmet memories. Supported by a team of French consultants, La Folie brings a unique sensorial experience to every single one of their creations, which are elegantly flavoured, richly textured and beautifully presented. We aim to curate and elevate a menu for each season and invite you to surrender yourself to this delight that is La Folie.