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Buy freshly baked sourdough breads in Mumbai

At La Folie, we are passionate about indulgence without compromising on the quality of the ingredients we use. Our naturally leavened, slow fermented sourdough breads are made using organic, stone-milled flours and baked fresh daily without using any commercial yeast or artificial leavener. Slow fermentation is a time-honoured method of processing and preserving food.

At La Folie, we are bringing back these slow methods and processes that not only make our sourdough breads taste better, but also easier for you to digest. Our nutritious sourdough breads are thus healthier for your gut and deliver perfect texture every single time.

From crowd favourite garlic and olive sourdough bread to our healthy buckwheat and oats sourdough bread, these are perfect for sandwiches, crostinis, cheese boards and so much more! Our artisanal sourdough breads are baked fresh daily and can be paired with a variety of dips, cheeses and spreads. A crisp exterior hides a chewy, soft center. Discover our range of artisanal sourdough breads and wholewheat loafs. Baked fresh everyday at our small batch facility in Mumbai, our sourdough breads are delivered to your doorstep in 24 hours!

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