How to Make Chocolate?

How to make chocolate? Tree to bar: A step-by-step guide to making chocolate The journey of a cacao bean is fascinating, from being encased in plump pods hanging from tall Theobroma cacao trees to packing their intense flavours in a luscious, silken smooth bar of...

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5 ways to jazz up your daily bread

Whether it’s a sourdough, baguette or multi-grain loaf, what can be more soul-satisfying than enjoying a bite of warm bread when hunger strikes? The versatile bread is perfect for every meal, including a midnight snack, especially when smeared with butter and jam (PBJ sandwich, anyone?). ...

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5 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Did you know that the ancient Mayans considered bitter chocolate as ‘food of the gods’? Made as a beverage, it was had as a ceremonial drink and part of their rituals and healing practices. The raw cacao beans are highly nutritious and an exceptional source...

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