Our Values

Chocolate making from origin

La Folie’s pursuit of making real chocolate begins with its discoveries of the finest origin cacao. Like with wine, the cacao’s terroir defines the taste of chocolate too. Each possesses a unique flavour profile specific to its region. We source directly from among the Top 50 cacao farms and cooperatives around the world that have been recognised and awarded by the ‘Cocoa of Excellence Programme’ and celebrated by reputed international craft chocolate makers.


We strive to make 'Real Chocolate' using all natural ingredients and organic cacao to retain the uniqueness and purity of taste that each single origin cacao provides. For our inclusion bars we pair and combine other natural ingredients such as organic cane sugar, black jaggery, natural freeze dried fruits, nuts and other herbs and spices sourced locally.

Chocolate making
Chocolate making process


We believe our process should benefit the niche community of growers, producers and makers, whose livelihoods depend on cacao and chocolate. We source our cacao directly from select co-operatives that use transparent and ethical trade practices, as well as farms that follow sustainable and quality conscious growing and harvesting practices


We believe in providing a variety of origins to our customers, each of which possesses unique taste and flavour profiles specific to its region. We source from amongst the Top SO cacao farms and co-operatives around the world who have been recognised and awarded by the 'Cocoa Of Excellence Board' and renowned craft chocolate makers.

Cocoa Bean
Bean to bar chocolate


In our micro chocolate factory in Mumbai, we use traditional European artisanal techniques to handcraft our bean to bar chocolate in small batches. The custom designed machinery gives a distinct texture refinement, resulting in high quality chocolate that is packed with flavour and has smooth texture.