Since its inception in 2014, La Folie has championed the magnificence of real chocolate in its art of modern European pastry and chocolate-making. Over the years, Chef Sanjana and her team of artisans have combined delectable Grand Cru chocolate from across the globe with French savoir-faire.The result is a smorgasbord of signature and redefined classical creations exploding with flavours, tantalising textures and rare ingredients that a chocoholic can only dream of.

The Real Chocolate Makers

In its pursuit to showcase the most authentic expression of real chocolate, La Folie has embarked on a journey to create chocolate from its origin – the bean. This heralds the bestselling chocolatier’s evolution into an expert bean-to-bar chocolate maker.

La Folie’s bean-to-bar process is tailor-made to coax flavours from the finest, single-origin cacao ethically sourced from around the world. Cradled with care, the organic beans are handcrafted into small batch chocolate at La Folie’s micro-factory in Mumbai.

Paired with natural ingredients sourced locally, each exceptionally delicious creation pays homage to the cacao’s origin and its unique character.

Masters of Modernist Edible Art

Chef Sanjana and her team’s glorious creations are showcased at La Folie’s boutiques spread across Mumbai. Located in Bandra, La Folie Lab’s dual persona of an all-day café and a dessert bar is designed to wow gourmands with exquisite sensorial experiences on a plate.

La Folie Du Chocolat in Kala Ghoda exemplifies luxurious edible art with a variety of chocolate bonbons in jewel hues and chocolate bars that redefine architectural prowess.

La Folie Factory Café in Mahalaxmi welcomes guests to indulge in culinary conversations over a light lunch. The adjacent state-of-the-art culinary studio – The Classroom – is a playground for novices and experts to explore flavours and replenish their cooking skills.

La Folie has also introduced Factory Tours at their Small Batch Chocolate Factory to provide an in-depth understanding of the bean-to-bar chocolate making process.


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