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At La Folie, we use single origin cacao beans sourced from top 50 cacao plantations and farmers' cooperatives in India, Central America and Africa to make our artisanal chocolate bars. Our tailor-made bean-to-bar process is designed to coax the finest flavours from the cacao to create the best artisanal chocolate bars you can get your hands on!

All our artisanal chocolate bars are made using only three, all natural, high quality ingredients: cocoa mass, cocoa butter and organic, raw cane sugar or natural sugar alternatives. Made without using any preservatives, each of our artisanal chocolate bars is unique, healthy and crafted with passion. Our indigenous chocolate making process starts with roasting the ethically sourced single origin cacao beans that arrive at our micro chocolate factory in Mumbai. After roasting the beans, they are winnowed to extract the cacao nibs which are then ground and conched to make the cocoa mass. Each step of the chocolate making process is fine tuned depending on the origin of the cacao beans, their moisture content and other variable factors. This is what makes every bar of chocolate truly artisanal and unique.

Choose from an incredible range of flavours like the Nutty Hazelnut Rocher artisanal chocolate bar or the creamy coconut chocolate bar. For dark chocolate lovers, our 80% Intense Black Jaggery chocolate bar or the 85% dark chocolate granola bar come highly recommended. Our artisanal chocolate bars also make for very thoughtful presents as they are crafted mindfully with finest quality ingredients. You can also make elegant gift hampers curated with our artisanal chocolate bars.

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