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Buy the best chocolate dragée nuts in Mumbai

At La Folie, we use single origin cacao beans sourced from top 50 cacao plantations and farmers cooperatives in India, America and Africa to make our bean to bar chocolate. Our craft chocolate is made using only three, all natural, high quality ingredients: cocoa mass, cocoa butter and organic, raw cane sugar or natural sugar alternatives. This craft chocolate is the foundation of our scrumptious chocolate dragée nuts.

Whether you’re craving something sweet in the middle of the afternoon or need something to snack on after dinner, these chocolate dragée nuts are the perfect pick. To make these chocolate dragées, delicious nuts, berries and jujubes are hand-coated in our artisanal craft chocolate and then rolled in our in-house natural cocoa. From caramelised almonds and hazelnuts to blueberries and strawberry jujubes, you are spoiled for choice.

From sugar-free to mocha, berries to caramelised hazelnuts, each of our chocolate dragées is indulgent and they make for great gifts too! Our snackable chocolate gift boxes comprising three assorted chocolate dragée nuts are also a great way to discover the array of flavours and textures that our artisanal coated nuts offer.

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