Up Close and Personal with Chef Sanjana – Part I

Chef Sanjana Patel’s favourite time of the day is the hours she spends constructing avant-garde desserts, creating bean-to-bar chocolate and exploring the sheer diversity of flavours – all away from the public eye in the secluded corners of La Folie kitchen.  Now, here’s your chance...

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Mother's Day Special

Of all the occasions that graced us during quarantine, Mother’s Day sure picked the best time. Being in lockdown for almost three months brought about epiphanies for many. One of them being the realisation of a mother’s role in one’s life. Just like that, no...

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Vocal For Local

  Amidst the lockdown, at the cusp of a pending economic crisis, there are three solid words that are clear and lucid as can be. “It is time to be vocal about local” said the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi while addressing...

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The Rise of Sourdough Bread

Chef Sanjana Patel remembers the first sourdough she made like it was yesterday – the crisp and earthy crust, a deliciously chewy texture and an unparalleled depth of fresh, tangy flavours that she had never found in off-the-shelf bread. Recently, you would have noticed an...

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