Refined sugar alternatives that make craft chocolate healthier

Refined sugar alternatives that make craft chocolate healthier

 The craving for chocolate can strike at any time but we often curb our urges due to the notion that a bar contains a high amount of sugar. What if we tell you that restricting sugar intake doesn’t mean you need to cut down on chocolate? Today, the world of craft chocolate is filled with healthier alternatives to refined white sugar. So, the next time you pick up a craft chocolate bar, look out for these ingredients and enjoy a guilt-free indulgence. Raw organic cane sugar: Extracted from the stalks of sugarcane that has been cultivated without using harmful pesticides, this raw, organic form of sugar is unrefined and less processed. As a result, it encases essential minerals and nutrients but contains no chemicals. Cane sugar enhances the chocolate’s flavour with its complex, caramel-like sweetness. Check out La Folie’s bean-to-bar chocolates with raw organic cane sugar.


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Black jaggery: The luscious dark jaggery is typically derived by boiling raw, concentrated sugarcane juice and then cooling it down. Along with an earthy, fruity sweet flavour, this jaggery is also packed with essential minerals since it contains molasses – a nutritious, dark and viscous syrup produced in this process.

Maple Sugar: Pancakes with a drizzle of the amber-hued maple syrup are a match made in heaven. But did you know that maple sugar is used in craft chocolate too? Maple sugar is a natural derivative of the syrup produced from the tree’s sap. It retains the antioxidants and has a lower glycemic index than refined sugar. Savour its toffee-like sweetness with a slight woody flavour in our Maple And Chunky Almond Butter bar. Shop for it here.


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Coconut sugar: Unrefined and rich in potassium, this form of sugar is extracted from the coconut tree blossoms. Its flavour is reminiscent of brown sugar with just a hint of caramel. An interesting component of coconut sugar is a fibre called inulin that is said to help slow the absorption of glucose, keeping the blood sugar levels in check.

Honey: The Greeks called it the nectar of the gods. In Ayurveda, it's used as an ointment. The sweet, sticky, golden honey made by the industrious bees is rich in antioxidants, boosts energy, improves immunity and makes for a much healthier substitute to refined table sugar. 

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