La Folie Chocolate Factory Cafe

Best desserts in Mumbai

Housed in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai, La Folie’s Factory Café welcomes you to engage with the culinary arts over an array of viennoiseries, tea cakes, churros, and vegan and healthy eats that feature in its light luncheon and dessert menu.
Sitting next to La Folie’s glass-walled, bean-to-bar chocolate factory, the café allows you a rare glimpse into the behind-the-scenes action of handcrafting small batch chocolate – from artisans roasting the cacao to tempering velvety smooth chocolate. Meanwhile, La Folie’s Small Batch Chocolate Factory Tours offer an in-depth understanding of the bean-to-bar process. 
La Folie Factory Café is the perfect spot to exchange notes over hot chocolate or cacao tea post a session at the adjacent state-of-the-art culinary studio – The Classroom. It’s ideal to host bespoke soirées, chef’s table-style dinners and private pop-ups. 
The space also transforms as the venue for 22.00 Hours, Mumbai’s first tailored dessert night conceptualised by Chef Sanjana.