5 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

5 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Did you know that the ancient Mayans considered bitter chocolate as ‘food of the gods’? Made as a beverage, it was had as a ceremonial drink and part of their rituals and healing practices.

The raw cacao beans are highly nutritious and an exceptional source of antioxidants. They contain flavonoids, specifically flavanols, that help neutralise the harmful free radicals in your body and lend bitterness to the chocolate. Since dark chocolate contains 70% or more cacao, it imbibes most nutrients from the beans and so, it’s much healthier than you thought. Take a look.


Benefits of dark chocolate


It keeps your skin youthful

Research suggests that consuming dark chocolate is great for your skin. It’s loaded with vitamins and minerals that help replenish the skin with collagen, a protein essential to making it look supple and strong. It also helps improve blood circulation that hydrates your skin and delays its ageing process. Some studies have shown that dark chocolate may also aid in reducing the damage caused to the skin by the sun’s harmful UV radiation. 

 It adds volume to your hair

Facing hair fall? Bite into dark chocolate. Packed with iron, zinc and other minerals, it helps boost the growth of healthy cells in your scalp, increasing oxygen and blood flow and thus, reducing hair loss. Not just that, these nutrients also help add volume to your locks, leaving them thick, lustrous and strong. 

 It takes care of your heart

If you need one more reason for a guilt-free indulgence of dark chocolate, do it for your heart. One research study noted that nibbling on some dark chocolate every day helps lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases and a stroke. Some experts believe that its antioxidant properties may also help in controlling blood sugar levels while the flavanols are said to keep blood pressure in check too.

 It sharpens your mind

If you thought only nuts were good for your brain, think again. Dark chocolate enhances the blood flow to the brain. This helps sharpen your mind, increase productivity in specific tasks and boost cognitive skills and alertness for a short while, says a study led by an expert from the University of Nottingham. Dark chocolate helps improve memory too. 

It’s a mood booster

For most, a piece of dark chocolate is comfort food, isn’t it?

That’s because It produces ‘happy’ hormones such as endorphins and serotonin. So, you end up feeling warm, fuzzy and joyful. Some studies say that dark chocolate can also lower stress levels.


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Note: It’s best to consult your nutritionist or doctor in case of any pre-existing medical conditions.

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