Celebrate Rakhi With Chocolate Bars For Every Kind Of Sibling

Celebrate Rakhi With Chocolate Bars For Every Kind Of Sibling

You’ve laughed, cried, fought, played and partied together and so, you know them better than the rest. This Raksha Bandhan, express your love for your sibling with a thoughtful gift that matches their personality traits and interests. And what better than La Folie’s handcrafted, bean-to-bar chocolates filled with distinct flavours for every kind of sibling. Don’t believe us? Read on…


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For the book lover: If your sibling loves to curl up with a book, the Guatemala Single Origin bar will turn into a trusted companion with its notes of strawberry, creamy latte and a warm, fudgy aftertaste. Meanwhile, the crisp bite and caramel-laced flavour of Nutty Hazelnut Rocher are sure to spark their imagination as they dive into the worlds of wizards, white walkers and Wall Street wolves.

For the trekker: Watch your outdoorsy sibling embark on a delectable, armchair forest trail as they discover the flavours of plum, figs and tropical fruits in a bar crafted with the finest cacao from the Dominican Republic. The Smoked Pink Himalayan Salt bar comes to the rescue of those who miss camping in the mountains.


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For the gaming enthusiast: If your sibling is a night owl who craves midnight snacks after long gaming sessions, surprise them with refreshing flavours of Mint After Dark and India Single Origin bars. They will also give you a chance to bond over board games and fight for that last bite of chocolate for old times’ sake.

For the amateur cook: Here’s a way to thank your sibling for every time they fed you a delicious meal. Treat them to Intense Black Jaggery that’s replete with the goodness of molasses, a healthier alternative to refined sugar. Or pick the Ecuador Single Origin bar, sit together and explore its rich flavour nuances of cocoa, cherry and toasted nuts.

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For the water baby: Is your sibling missing a beach vacation? Cheer them up with Creamy Coconut Milk (it’s vegan too!) and Sea Salt Caramel. Each bite will definitely lead them to cherish childhood memories of jumping into swimming pools and building sandcastles at seaside destinations.


For the artist: Have a sibling who is passionate about painting, writing, making music or any other creative pursuits? Offer them The Berry Good Bar for its comforting, fruity flavours or the Maple And Chunky Almond Butter for its rich caramel and buttery notes. Who knows, they might just pen a poem for you or gift you one of their sketches in return. A win-win. 

To curate a thoughtful gift hamper for your sibling, check out La Folie’s Rakhi Gifting ideas.

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