Collab Alert: La Folie x KC Roasters presents the Kelagur Coffee Bar

Collab Alert: La Folie x KC Roasters presents the Kelagur Coffee Bar

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If you’ve tried nibbling on chocolate between sips of coffee, you’d know that they are indeed a match made in heaven. An ideal pair that’s most compatible together, they enhance each other’s acidity and aromas, playing a synchronised symphony that not only pleases the palate but lifts your spirits too.

Though they belong to different plant species, cacao and coffee have several common personality traits. They’re not just a decadent joy that can be savoured at any time of the day but also feature similar stimulating qualities, courtesy the alkaloids they contain – theobromine in cacao and caffeine in coffee.

Studies have shown that both beans – technically, seeds of the fruits growing on their respective plants Theobroma cacao and Coffea – are good sources of antioxidants as well and so, they may help improve memory, learning and other cognitive functions. Moreover, when paired together, this dream team is said to help enhance attention spans and offer a sense of calm.

organic chocolate

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Expression that celebrates this celestial union is the Kelagur Coffee Bar, La Folie’s handcrafted chocolate bar combining cacao of the finest Indian origin with specialty coffee. Created in collaboration with KC Roasters by Koinonia, the bar features 65% robust Malabar forest cacao paired with single-origin coffee sourced from the sprawling Kelagur Estates, nestled at an altitude of 3,500ft in Chikmagalur, Karnataka. 

In sync with the ethical and quality-conscious philosophies of La Folie, the team at KC Roasters, too, conducts rigorous checks at the farm and roast level to ensure top-notch quality of the beans. A member of Specialty Coffee Association of India (SCAI), Kelagur Estates is a trusted exporter of coffee to Australia, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland, and has its own pulping and curing facilities that help extract optimum flavour.

For this collaboration, chef Sanjana Patel selected the sun-dried (honey-processed) medium-dark roast coffee replete with smooth tasting notes of apricot, caramel and sweet spices. She decided to pair these comforting flavours with luscious notes of Indian Malabar forest cacao.

Kelagur Coffee Bar

And thus was born Kelagur Coffee Bar at La Folie’s small-batch bean-to-bar chocolate factory in Mumbai. A bar where every bite sings an effervescent medley of caramel, apples and sweet spices. One that not only invigorates your senses but also helps you reconnect with India’s rich bounty of both cacao and coffee. Shop the 65% Kelagur Coffee Bar at La Folie.  

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