La Folie turns 6

La Folie turns 6

La Folie turns 6- Surrender yourself to its delightful journey!


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Welcome to ‘our obsessive madness’ that is “La Folie” - a French gourmet patisserie founded by master pâtissier and chocolatier, Sanjana Patel, along with her business partner and husband, Parthesh Patel; in 2014 to revolutionise the way we appreciate desserts in India.

With its first flagship store in Kala Godha, La Folie soon became Mumbai’s Local Dessert niche brand specialising in sophisticated entremets made using French and European techniques, as well as bespoke cakes, petite cookies, sourdough breads, French macarons, chocolate truffles, pastries, chocolate pralines as well as flaky buttery croissants and pain au chocolat, all of which are freshly prepared to fulfill your daily sweet cravings.


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At the helm, spearheading the brand, La Folie’s very own Executive Chef and Creative Director brings invaluable know-how and experience to La Folie. Chef Sanjana Patel is an extraordinary craftswoman-cum-tastemaker who continues to weave finest ingredients using authentic preparation methods and innovative techniques to create art on a plate that provokes your palate for a sensorial experience. Nothing at La Folie is what you expect it to be. Classics are redefined, original creations combine taste influences from all over the world, and the presentation is avant-garde and minimalist.


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Fast forward to 2019, La Folie has become a complete game changer in the luxury boutique patisserie and chocolate industry. Winning consecutive accolades in its niche, La Folie runs a sophisticated patisserie-cum-chocolate boutique, a bakery cafe that bakes fresh sourdough bread (La Folie Lab) and has now transitioned into the art of serious craft chocolate making by sourcing finest origins of cacao both locally and globally. With its enhanced vision of sustainability, ethical and transparent trading, and with all natural and small batch processes at its core, La Folie is determined to provide a real chocolate experience via its craft chocolate line and invites you for your very own Willy Wonka chocolate factory tour at Mahalaxmi, Mumbai (India) to learn about the journey of a cacao pod from bean to bar.

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