5 ways to jazz up your daily bread

5 ways to jazz up your daily bread

Whether it’s a sourdough, baguette or multi-grain loaf, what can be more soul-satisfying than enjoying a bite of warm bread when hunger strikes? The versatile bread is perfect for every meal, including a midnight snack, especially when smeared with butter and jam (PBJ sandwich, anyone?). 

However, there’s a wide variety of toppings that can spruce up a slice of bread and amp up your breakfast, brunch or brinner. Here are a few delectable options.

Cheese and tomato

Think of cheese and tomato and you’re instantly reminded of summer picnics by the sea. With its pristine white and blush red hues, this pair is a tasteful match made in the kitchen. All you need is feta or cream cheese and thick slices of fresh tomatoes. You can also use mozzarella and roast cherry tomatoes with a dash of olive oil and herbs. Indulge in an armchair escape to Italy as each bite evokes imagery of the Tuscan sun. 


Who said you could enjoy guac only with nachos? The Mexican avocado-based dip sits perfectly on a toasted slice of bread too. It’s easy to make from scratch and an exploration of spicy and tangy flavours, courtesy onion, jalapeno and lime, all encased in the creamy avocado mash. Make things more exciting by topping a guacamole toast with smoked salmon, bacon or even chorizo!


Sourdough bread recipe



In the lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic, the mushroom has emerged as our go-to ingredient when we’re bereft of fresh vegetables, when we’re out of ideas to make the pasta sauce or when we’re simply, craving a comforting meal.

Its earthiness complements bread too, especially the rustic sourdough. You can create a creamy mushroom tartine using a mix of varieties from portobello to porcini or sauté them with spinach, caramelised onion and herbs. Looking for bread that will go best with the ’shrooms? Try La Folie’s Olive and Roasted Garlic Sourdough.


Bored of the omelette-bread routine? Get creative by piling a slice with Parsi-style akuri, where scrambled eggs are seasoned with spices. You can also poach the eggs to create an eggs Benedict on a sourdough replete with Hollandaise sauce, bacon bits et al. Savour this breakfast of the champions on a weekend morning, cherishing old memories with your family and making new ones. 


artisan bread


Salted caramel and fruits

If chocolate and bread personify indulgence, can the warmth of salted caramel be far behind? Its luscious notes can create a heavenly symphony on the soft, rustic sandwich bread. Layer it with your favourite fruit, curl up with a book and enjoy your me-time. Buy Breads Online


Enjoy La Folie's freshly baked sourdough your way!
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