Vocal For Local

Vocal For Local

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Amidst the lockdown, at the cusp of a pending economic crisis, there are three solid words that are clear and lucid as can be.

“It is time to be vocal about local” said the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi while addressing the nation regarding the fight against COVID-19.

While small businesses have welcomed #vocalforlocal with open arms, it is imperative to know who exactly these small scale businesses are and the benefits of supporting them. Apart from the indisputable fact that local businesses create jobs for the community and their fair share of revenue is recycled back into the local economy, it is an independent business that gives birth to innovation. New ideas erupt and concepts emerge as local businesses come into being.


chocolate making process


chocolate making process


Supporting a small business is not just about keeping a company afloat, it is not about keeping a family from going hungry, neither is it about pity. It is about acknowledging establishments that are the heart and soul of the community and recognizing their efforts taken towards a stronger economy. It is about rewarding passion and hardwork with fair and ethical means to ensure a promising future for those with potential.

Small independent businesses are run by real people; not boards, algorithms and stockholders. They are - in the true sense - run by the people, of the people, for the people. It is about quality and community and how one helps the other grow.


chocolate making process


In a country like ours, small businesses have nothing but potential. They have been here far longer than international brands; they are the ones that have gone on to become international brands. The time to be vocal about local is long overdue.

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